On Summer Books Finds and my Favourite Read of all Time

It’s summer time and there’s no better time to find great books, support your local bookstore and open up your bookshelf to authors you wouldn’t normally try. Below, a haul of (some) books during a recent trip to Toronto and my thoughts of a book that is quite possibly my favourite read of all time.

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On Strong Female Characters, a Cape Malay Family and Apartheid Tales

I have a new favourite book. I just read Nadia Davids book “An Imperfect Blessing” published by Umuzi Press in 2014 and it’s difficult to express how amazing this book is. This book is about a Cape Malay family in Cape Town in 1986 and 1993, and in the telling of the family’s story, so much of South Africa’s history is told as well. I love the incredible female characters, the window it offers readers into South Africa, and the way it challenges readers to go and read more about South Africa’s history. It is a stunning book, and I highly highly recommend the book. The information I had about South Africa was poor before I moved to Johannesburg, and in the telling of one family’s very specific story, this book shares so much about South Africa as a whole. This book is a gift.

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My Five Favourite Books Featuring Muslim Female Characters


My 5 Favourite Books with Muslim Women Characters

My 5 Favourite Books with Muslim Women Characters

If you’ve ever wanted to read a book with amazing female Muslim characters and felt frustrated that you can’t find a good book to read, Episode 3 of the Seriously Planning ‪#‎booktube‬ show is for you. In this episode,I discuss my 5 favourite books featuring Muslim women. Please do watch, share and subscribe!

On “Sofia Khan is Not Obliged” and the Joy of Books With Muslim Characters

Sofia Khan is Not Obliged, by Ayisha Malik

Sofia Khan is Not Obliged, by Ayisha Malik

Greetings friends! Seriously Planning has a new YouTube show about books, and this week’s episode is a review of a new UK release called “Sofia Khan is Not Obliged by Ayisha Malik.”  In this episode I talk about how this book introduced to the Youtube book/reading community, why I started a channel,  the importance of good cover art, and discuss my favourite and not so favourite parts of this book. It’s a book that would be a fun holiday/relaxing read or a book that would be good company if you’re stuck in bed with the flu during Joburg’s cold cold winter. This book will only be available in Canada in October 2016 I believe (not sure about the US release date), but it is available here in Johannesburg. If you’re read this book, what are your thoughts? I’d love to hear from you.

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