On Summer Books Finds and my Favourite Read of all Time

It’s summer time and there’s no better time to find great books, support your local bookstore and open up your bookshelf to authors you wouldn’t normally try. Below, a haul of (some) books during a recent trip to Toronto and my thoughts of a book that is quite possibly my favourite read of all time.

And my favourite read…

One thought on “On Summer Books Finds and my Favourite Read of all Time

  1. Thanks for the recommendation for A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza.

    It really reminds me of the book I just finished, which I’d recommend too, The Open Door by Latifa Al-Zayyat, which while it as originally published in 1960, has been republished in 2017 and takes us inside the life of a young woman, coming-of-age and all the issues, the roller coastal of emotions, the social codes, the different ways family members respond to the situations arise. It also happens at a time the country is going through similar changes, so it provides insights into history as well. The last section isn’t so well written, but it’s an incredible novel for its time and inspired so many women to begin speaking about issues, issues that are universal, but each culture has their particular framework within which these are expressed.

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