How do You Pick a City?

What characteristics do you value in the city in which you live? My trip to Vancouver is coming to a close, and my heart actually hurts at the thought of leaving. I’ve never taken it so hard before, and I think part of the reason for my sadness is that in the gap since I’ve last been in the city, I’ve forgotten, or at least the memory has become fainter – of what its like to live with others and live in this city of beauty. Toronto has its own charm, and in this episode of the podcast (click¬†here¬†to listen), I’m reflecting on the differences between Vancouver and Toronto, and whether after the loveliness of living with others, living on one’s own is something to be avoided for the health of one’s heart. It’s a question I need to explore over the next semester hopefully.

For yourself though, what qualities do you value in a city?