How do You Pick a City?

What characteristics do you value in the city in which you live? My trip to Vancouver is coming to a close, and my heart actually hurts at the thought of leaving. I’ve never taken it so hard before, and I think part of the reason for my sadness is that in the gap since I’ve last been in the city, I’ve forgotten, or at least the memory has become fainter – of what its like to live with others and live in this city of beauty. Toronto has its own charm, and in this episode of the podcast (click here to listen), I’m reflecting on the differences between Vancouver and Toronto, and whether after the loveliness of living with others, living on one’s own is something to be avoided for the health of one’s heart. It’s a question I need to explore over the next semester hopefully.

For yourself though, what qualities do you value in a city?

4 thoughts on “How do You Pick a City?

  1. Ashish Sinha says:

    Vancouver was my first crush. I spent most of my life in the United States, four years in Indonesia, and travelled a bit, but I never felt attached to a city before I first came to Vancouver to do a college tour of UBC. I loved how the city felt like it was a part of the landscape rather than dominating the scene. I valued a public transportation network that made the city feel accessible. I loved the food – the amazing variety and the quality that, evidently, residents of Vancouver demand.

    If Vancouver was my first crush, Washington DC (where I live now) is my long-term relationship. I grew up in a suburb of DC so I feel like I have seen the city grow and my attitude towards the city has also changed over time. When I was growing up, the city suffered from a high crime rate, few neighborhoods had amenities to attract people to them, and many of the buildings looked like they were in decay. Today, it has drastically changed.

    The city has a robust public transportation network, great food, and the neighborhoods have been revitalized. The city is very walkable and crime has dropped considerably. All those positives aside, the reason I picked DC was because it was where I was able to find opportunities to work on political issues that matter for me.

  2. Shagufta says:

    Ashish! Thanks for commenting! Your reflections are always so beneficial. =) Your point about DC being the place where you found opportunities to work on things that mattered to you is relevant. Perhaps that’s the way i should be thinking about it, wherever I can be of most benefit/assistance, that’s the place to be… Hope things are well on your end.

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