Vacation Books For Every Situation

Whether you’re about to head off for your last summer getaway before September arrives, or you’re planning out what to do during your summer staycation, books are one of the nicest ways to spend a holiday.

If you’re planning time outdoors and want something that will fit easily in a small bag, check these three books that are perfect for a summer hike:

If you have many hours at one stretch to read, may I suggest the magic that is Mohsin Hamid’s latest book and the genius of Maggie O’Farrell? Below are descriptions as to why you can’t go wrong with either of these readings selections.

What are you reading this summer? Please do share in the comments below.

One thought on “Vacation Books For Every Situation

  1. I wasn’t so enamoured with Exit West unfortunately, the beginning was great and then it became a little too strange for me to relate to.

    I know this was a post from last summer, but I’ve just read Disoriental by Négar Djavadi which was excellent. Being August I like to read works by women in translation #WITMonth, so not written in English, and preferably set in a culture other than an English speaking one.

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