Stay Tuned to This Space! It’s time to Tell A Story

I just can’t anymore. I can’t open up another book frustrated about the stories of oppressive arranged marriages, the choices characters need to make between “culture and self expression”, their intense desire to be accepted by wider society, and their descriptions of self loathing – the list goes on, but I can’t read stories that leave me miserable. As a reader, I am not uplifted or enriched by narratives structured by such narrow binaries, and they do not represent me.

I say this because today I started a book that was full of such moments (it was assigned by a book club I joined recently), and the experience made me realise that it’s time to take writing more seriously. Not because I want to explain the life of a Muslim woman to other people, but because for myself, I want to tell a story that I would want to read, and I think people I care about would want to read too. And so though the blog posts will still continue, I’ve started on a longer writing project.

If you’re interested in following along/getting updates, please do stay in touch via email or the Facebook page.  And if you have advice about sustaining longer writing projects, please do leave a comment/send an email. Here we go!

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