Interested in diversity, city-building and faith? Lets chat at RoadMap 2030.

Will you be at this year’s RoadMap2030 conference? If so, I want to meet you. I’m a Masters of Science in Planning student at the University of Toronto specializing in social policy and planning, and my graduate research is an examination of conflicts about the building of mosques. (Think the Park51 project in New York City, but on a smaller scale)

To put it more broadly, I’m interested in how¬†planning and faith intersect. I’m ¬†also deeply interested in issues of diversity, city-building, youth engagement and media, and keen to learn lots over the next couple of days. So if you’re at RoadMap2030 and are interested in sharing thoughts, please do tweet me @shaguftapasta. I’d love to chat. (Or come up to me, I’ll be the one in the navy sparkly scarf). See you soon.