Subscribe to My New Substack Newsletter: A Little Bit of Hope

The Winter Garden, Harold Washington Library, Chicago

Welcome friends! I just started a newsletter on Substack called “A Little Bit of Hope” that I wanted to share with all of you. 

This new newsletter is about hope and my journey pursuing health, healing and joy as a writer and equity practitioner.  I’ll be sharing the things that I’m reading, watching, listening, and thinking about, in the hopes that sharing can help sustain you through whatever change-making work or grief you are currently going through. If you follow me on Instagram and Soundcloud, I’ll be posting about books less there, though will be still posting on YouTube.

You can find the newsletter here and I’d love if you subscribed, shared with others so that we can stay in touch as my writing journey continues to grow and develop. See you over in the new neighbourhood!

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