On Preparing for Death (Audio Reflections On “When Breath Becomes Air”)

Unforgettable reads (May 2016, Joburg)

Unforgettable reads (May 2016, Joburg)

I’ve been reading “When Breath Becomes Air” over the last several days, and this morning over breakfast, I finished the book. My husband looked up from his breakfast and I was in tears, unable to control my emotions over the ending of this book, and in particular its last paragraph. (After this paragraph there is a final chapter written by his wife Lucy, but it is his last words that reduced me to tears). This is a book that I hope everyone reads – it’s powerful and beautiful and just full of lessons and strength and honesty. It is an extraordinary read, and it was an incredible act of generosity for Paul Kalanithi to have written it. Below are my audio reflections about this wonderful wonderful book.

(Side note: I say in the audio story that he did his philosophy of education, what I meant to say is that he did a Masters in the philosophy of medicine)


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