Coming to you this March: The SP #ilovejoburglibrary Campaign

It’s South African Library Week from March 11-21st 2016, and I want to celebrate Joburg libraries with you. Here is an audio story about my own library experiences and why I think libraries (and having a library card is so important), and above is a photo of me when I got my library card in Joburg. Do you have a library card? Join our celebration of libraries in Joburg this March and share a photo of you at your local Joburg library branch as part of the Seriously Planning #ilovejoburglibrary campaign. Lets fall in love with Joburg libraries this March!

To get a library card, you need your ID book (if you are not an SA citizen, your passport with visa works) as well as proof of residence. The card is free, and you can take four books out at a time. It takes five working days to process a card.

I’m also trying to learn more about public libraries in Joburg, and would love it if you participated in my short survey! If you’re not comfortable leaving your answers in the comments below, please do email me at Thank you ever so much!

Without further ado, the questions:

1) Do you have a library card? If yes, which library do you frequent? If not, why?
2) If yes, how often do you visit the public library?
3) In addition to/or in lieu of public library books, where do you get books (ie- school library, bookstores, buy kindle books etc etc)


One thought on “Coming to you this March: The SP #ilovejoburglibrary Campaign

  1. 1. No I don’t have a card.I have been meaning to get one for years now but still hasn’t gotten down to it.I have a library about 3 blocks from my house but every time I’m off with they are closed
    2. I used to go every 2 weeks as a child.I was a total book worm. I still would be if I had the time
    3. I buy books, tons of them! I love physical hard copies and haven’t yet progressed to the kindle age. I usually sick up when takealot our exclusive books have their sales

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