Intentions for Buying a Book

Wardah Books, Singapore

Wardah Books, Singapore

I was looking at the books in my room that desperately need a home (oh the challenges of bookshelf purchases!), and while wondering whether I should firmly resolve to strictly be a library user in the future, I came across these lovely intentions for buying a book. It was a reminder that when the intention with which you do something is wider than simply yourself, that action can become something good. I’m posting it here to keep the reminder fresh.

The Intentions for Buying A Book

  1. Intend to benefit from it, inwardly and outwardly
  2. Intend to occupy your time virtuously
  3. Intend to learn what is good
  4. Intend to protect and preserve knowledge
  5. Intend to help others, if someone asks to borrow it
  6. Intend to spread knowledge
  7. Intend to occupy yourself with it so as to keep away from idle talk.”

~Source: The Book of Intentions, by al-Habib Muhammad bin Alawi al-Ayadurus

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