There Has To Be More to Our Research Than A Helping Narrative

“Research reflexivity refers to researcher’s awareness of the self in the research process. But has to be more than that one line in your paper where you identify your identities. It is important to think about where you want to travel and what your trajectory will be. Your positionality. Ask yourself: why do you want to study that? What is it in your heart that brings you to that? There has to be more to our research than a helping narrative. This requires doing work on yourself, which can be scary, but ask yourself: what do I want as a person? What is the journey I want to be on? And don’t let your research end. Disseminate what you learn.”

~ Benita Benjun, Nov 1st 2012, Innovative Methodologies in Bridging Theory and Practice/Policy on Community-based Research UBC.

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