Awesome Event Alert! Digital Storytelling, Adequate Housing, Hong Kong in Lego and Indonesian Culture

It’s been two weeks since I’ve returned to Vancouver, and I’m still getting reacquainted with the city. There are parts of the city that are so familiar, certain intersections where I caught a bus for years, much-loved coffee shops that haven’t changed, libraries that have the same quirky librarians, streets that feel like home, and yet there is so so much that is new. There are new buildings, new bus routes, new projects, and details to the city that were not here when Vancouver was last home. Discovering the city again is a strange but exciting adventure, and part of that process involves doing what I do anytime I’m in a new place. It involves finding and attending lectures and events that make my heart sing. Below are a few lectures and exhibits that I’m excited to attend over the next few weeks.

1) Digital Storytelling Unconference. July 7th from 9:30-4:30 at the Network Hub

This is an unconference (meaning that the participants suggest content and present it the day of the event) about digital storytelling. Not only is the subject matter fascinating, but it’s at the Network Hub, an office sharing space I’m interested to learn more about. One of my favourite spots in Toronto was the Centre for Social Innovation, and I’m curious to know if the Network Hub is a similar sort of space. Early bird sales tickets are over, and regular tickets are now $25.  Volunteer opportunities are also available at the event.

2) The Right to Adequate Housing: From Practice to Policy to Practice – A Talk by Miloon Kothari. July 9th, 7PM, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. ($10)

 If you’re interested in issues related to the Global South, housing, and are a fan of Miloon Kothari, this seems like it will be an amazing, educational evening. As a side note, SFU has so many interesting events going on right now! When I was doing my undergrad, you had to go all the way to UBC for amazing public lectures, but I’m happy to see all the wonderful things going on through SFU at present. All three SFU campuses are transit friendly, and that makes it easier to attend events even when you have a bit of a commute.

3) Adab: Expressions of Indonesian Culture– Tuesday, July 17, 7pm, Simon Fraser University

To celebrate 60 years of the Canadian-Indonesian diplomatic relationship, the SFU Centre for the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies and Culture and the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver are doing a special lecture featuring a keynote lecture by Azyumardi Azra and a performance by a gamelan orchestra. I’m excited to attend and to look up the books that the keynote speaker has written, because they seem to address the subject of how Islam is expressed in Indonesia. After traveling to Bandung this summer, I’m thirsty to learn more about this topic.


1) Raqs Media Collective: The Primary Education of the Autodidact (Audain Gallery – 149 W Hastings St, Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, SFU)

This is a window exhibit on display till Sept 4th 2012 as part of the Indian Summer Festival. It’s free, and meant to explore the idea of “the university as a site of knowledge production.”

2) In My Life, Pearl of the Orient – Hong Kong.

On display at the Aberdeen Mall, this is an exhibit that seeks to create a version of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour Skyline. I am a bit in love with Hong Kong’s skyline, and  this sounds like an incredible project. There is a house from the sixties that you can visit, street food stalls, and the whole thing is constructed by one of thirteen Lego Professionals in the world. Something to definitely check out before it leaves Aberdeen Mall on Sept 3rd.

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