Language Study Tips (from Verve Magazine)

Just came across a list of language study tips from the Fall 2006 issue of Verve, and wanted to share for any other fellow language learners out there. Any tips you’d contribute to the list? (Note: headings are from magazine, descriptions is me paraphrasing their description of the tip). I’ve packed some of my Urdu books and a French book to study in the evenings in Toronto; looking forward to implementing some of these tips as I improve. =)

1) Immersion: best way.

2) Multiple language exchange partners: Nuff said.

3) Flashcards and vocabulary lists: English one side, other language on other. Good way to use spare moments, and then create vocab lists for review. Also good idea to memorise sentences not just words.

4) Learn songs and poems: good for pronounciation and vocab building (Really though? None of those songs about pizza in high school French class helped very much. But songs in Urdu I learnt as a child did, so maybe there is something to this tip)

5) Read books. Especially favourite English books in translation.

6) Watch favourite English movies dubbed into a foreign language (you know the plot so can focus on following conversations)

7) Write every day to penpals and in a journal. I like this one. I received a lovely stationary set from Montreal as a gift recently;  it would be fun to write to friends in French once I brush up a bit.

Any tips of your own to share?

One thought on “Language Study Tips (from Verve Magazine)

  1. I always try to translate whatever I am thinking into the language I’m trying to learn. Even if you can’t really translate all of it, just the fact that you are trying is helpful. Plus, I feel really good when I can finally start making full sentences!

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